The Basketball Wives leave New York and are back in Miami. They make sure to bring all bad blood between them too since they hold on to grudges harder than Jennifer Williams holds on to her colored contacts. Speaking of, Jen gets lot more shine in this episode, as the other ladies try to figure out why she’s been so distant.

Kesha’s Hometown Visit – Suzie and Royce go to Kesha’s hometown of Drexel, North Carolina to visit her family. When Kesha picks them up in her grandfather’s pickup truck and takes them to their farm, the ladies realize they’re really in the country. Suzie observes that “They live in East Bumblef*ck plus 150 miles.”

The trip allows the ladies to understand Kesha better. As the daughter of an absent Black father and a White mother, she had a difficult childhood in her small town. Her struggles and her pride in identifying as Black are why Tami questioning her Negronia status hurts her.

Jen’s Accidental Oversight – The gals haven’t seen Jennifer much lately, and they feel like she’s changed since her beef with Evelyn began. Tami admits she felt left out of the Lucid lipgloss launch party, and Jen apologizes for allowing it to slip her mind. When her and Shaunie have the same conversation, and she’s told she’s changing, Jen admits to having new friends that she kicks it with all the time. But those new friends haven’t told her that 1999 called and it wants its colored contacts back. Oh ok.

Evelyn Signed With Young Money  – Book deals must be on sale at Target lately because Evelyn has one and is now a part of Young Money. She’s coming out with a book to spill the tea from the journals she’s kept about the people around her. Somehow, this is consistent with what the folks at Young Money want to do, because Baby meets with her. Who knew their brand was expanding beyond having employees who look like a kindergartner scribbled on them? Apparently YMCMB has released 10 books this past year and two were bestsellers. Who’da thunk it?

Shaunie’s Dramatic Dinner – Shaunie celebrates her birthday by inviting all the ladies (including archenemies Jen and Evelyn) for a sit down dinner. All is well until Suzie directs a comment to Tami about how it’s great they’re all off food stamps. OOPS. Everyone knows that the subject of food stamps is Tami’s kryptonite but Suzie (who should be called “Foot in Mouth Frannie”) seems to forget. She’s lucky Tami’s trying to become a new person, otherwise, she might have been in a choke hold.

After that, the ladies give toasts to the birthday girl. Evelyn’s speech was a heartfelt tribute to Shaunie, expressing her ride-or-die loyalty, ending with a teary “Cuz I’m that bitch.” Oh Evelyn From the Block…  you’re not slick. A lot of the speech felt like shade towards her ex-bestie. Jen must have caught the shade because she gets up for her toast and it includes underhanded responses to Ev’s speech. Not to be outdone, Ev gets up to make another toast to loyalty. At the other end of the table, Jen replies with “Let’s add not being disrespectful as well” and all hell breaks loose. They cuss each other clean out and Ev ends up being dragged out the room after trick slamming Jen in the head with her clutch. These are some classy chicks, ladies and gentlemen!

Next week, Kenya’s mouth gets her in trouble with Evelyn the Goon, who hears that she called her loose. Looks like the streak for consecutive episodes where Evelyn flips out on someone might continue.

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