The “Basketball Wives” should be called “Meeting Mistresses” because all they seem to do is meet to debrief about all their drama and conversations gone wrong. In the latest episode, the ladies meet in various groups to discuss their feelings about their other cast mates. And Suzie, who is now becoming the thread weaving all the women together, is at the helm of these meetings. Either that, or she just has absolutely nothing else to do.

Evelyn “Ain’t About This Life” – The fight between Evelyn and Jennifer at Shaunie’s birthday dinner continues and Ev repeatedly tells Jen about how she “ain’t about this life.” “This life” must refer to maturity, because she’d be the pot calling the kettle “petty.” Evelyn’s surely too grown for all this enthusiasm for brawling in public, and Jen is clearly not used to being challenged with beatdowns often. Kenya attempts to add her 2 cents that no one asked for, and is met with a resounding lack of dambs to give by the others. Shaunie and Tami realize the relationship between the ex-BFFs is probably irreparable at this point.

Suzie reports to Royce and Kesha – As the neighborhood megaphone, Suzie makes sure to report the dinner drama to Royce and Kesha.  In retelling the story, Suzie wonders if Kesha thinks her and the others ladies are really crazy because of their antics. Ummm… you’d be correct, ma’am. You and your troop of tipdrill trollops ARE nuts.

Evelyn and Kesha Get Cool – At Suzie’s prodding, Evelyn meets up with Kesha to talk out their issues. Suzie says Kesha felt disrespected by Tami and Ev, “How did I disrespect her? I kept it 100.” What does that mean, Evelyn? Keeping it real CAN go wrong often. But when she meets with Kesha, they bury the hatchet and realize the real enemy is Kenya, who has shown herself to be more two-faced than Jekyll and Hyde.

Kenya Gets Confronted – Kenya is about that shady life. This leads to her being confronted by Tami and Evelyn. Their bone to pick with her is because she went on a radio show where the host was making jokes about them, and all Kenya does in response to the diatribe is laugh and giggle. HA HA HELL, Kenya! She stays kiki’ing at inappropriate moments, so the wig snatch she received was warranted. Just like when she was giggling when Tami cussed Kesha out, and then acting differently when Tami left the table. Kenya denies it, and the ladies feel like she needs more people. To ensure they get the full story, Tami and Evelyn meet up with Kesha, Kenya and Suzie for a group meeting to clear it all up.

Suzie brings up the fact that Kenya acted completely different towards Kesha when Tami wasn’t around, and she denies the allegation with a “first of all…” so she could find excuses. Before long, the argument was a full-fledged yelling match, with Kenya taking off her shoes, because she was feeling froggy. I’m not here for Kenya and her raggedy slide-in shoes, acting as if she was really about to do something. Since she was playing dirty, Kesha tells the ladies Kenya called Evelyn “loose.” Her rebuttal is “I think everyone has called Evelyn loose.” I see where this is going.

On the next episode, Kenya might be writing herself a check that her mouth can’t cash when she tells Evelyn “Yes, I referenced you being a ho.” WELP! I can’t wait to see that one!

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