Last night was the season finale of “Basketball Wives Miami” and it wrapped like it started—drama-filled. This season has been most dramatic one yet, and I hope the ladies involved have watched themselves so they can be embarrassed into behaving better. Anywho, let’s get into it!

Arguing in Circles – Evelyn is huffing about Jen’s unwillingness to talk to her about their issues, but who can blame Jen when the last time they saw each other, she was leaping off a table trying to fight her? Shaunie goes to talk to Jen—who isn’t that receptive of any mediation so she gives up and says she’s done interfering with their beef.

Jen finally comes out her room to talk to Ev and she finds the ladies sitting on the beach. Evelyn started a verbal berating that included outing Jen’s condom-less escapade with someone in Vegas from like three years ago. Then the issue of what Jen might have said in an interview came up and it turned into an annoying and juvenile “You said…” “No I didn’t…” “But I saw your tweets…” back and forth. Jen is understandably tired of how all they do is talk in circles and I understand her. Only thing I’m mad at her for is wearing colored contacts in 2012—but that’s neither here nor there.

Ev concludes that Jen is no longer in her circle. No one cares about this “circle” but Suzie and Jen has BEEN taken herself out of it. Congrats for just accepting it, Evelyn. Jen leaves Tahiti a day early, and Kenya follows suit.

Goodbye, Tahiti – Shaunie, Tami, Suzie and Evelyn have a final dinner in Tahiti the night before leaving, and find out that Jen and Kenya left from town crier, Suzie. That child couldn’t hold water in a well. Evelyn’s outfit was a too-tight dress with cutouts—which created the boob version of a muffin top, so there was that. Also, she gifted the ladies with makeup from her new line—which is apparently made by the same folks who make MAC—but I don’t believe her. She needs more people. Word to Blue Ivy’s daddy. It seems anyone with an eBay account and access to those $10 palettes of eyeshadow can say they have a makeup line.

Tami Gets Checked – Tami meets up with Royce—who brings up the fight in Tahiti with Kesha. Royce tells her she was wrong for handling it like she did so Tami gets angry and defensive, feeling like she’s out of her place to add her opinion. I like how Royce is the only person with galls to challenge Tami on her behavior though, and for this Tami wonders if they need to be friends. You’re willing to drop a friend for calling you out on your crap? Ok, Tami. And then you turned 10 years old.

Circle of Four – The ladies had a final dinner to wrap the season and I noticed how much they do everything over food.  Anyway, out of the eight that began the season, only four sat down to break bread as the show wound down because the others were casted out. Tami, Suzie, Shaunie and Evelyn talked about how the already-fragile circle was broken-up and their dynamic would never be the same.

Shaunie Seeks Guidance – On a rare occasion, we see Shaunie’s kids, and she serves them food in her home. It was nice seeing her as a mother, instead of as a puppet master of ratchet rumbles, and it was clearly a conscious decision because next, she goes to see her pastor. Shaunie tells him how the perpetual fighting bothers her, and she’s thought about walking away from these women. I’m not sure if she can walk away from these TV checks though. The Bishop tells her “You might have to come up to the mountain and leave some people in the valley.” AIGHT SIR!! I see you dropping golden nuggets!

The final episode of the drama-packed season wrapped with a preview of the reunion special, which airs next week. We’ll have the squabbling one more time for the road.

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