It seems that the Basketball Wives have split up into mini-cliques. Suzie and Jennifer have bonded, while Evelyn and Tami are at the “mean girl” table snatching wigs at will. Kesha and Kenya’s spots in the crew are as outcasts, and Royce is on an island by herself, with occasional visits from others. Mother Hen Shaunie, drops in this episode, for some instadrama and dips right back out.

Kenya’s Video Shoot – Kenya seems serious about pursuing a music career, so she decides to shoot a video. According to Suzie, Kenya tried to rent a club space called Juliette for $50 an hour for the shoot. In New York, you can’t even rent a cardboard box under a bridge for $50. Somehow, she finds a space and the video looked cheaper than the pleather lingerie she rocked in it. If only music videos could go straight to DVD.

Jen’s Lonely Lucid Launch – Jennifer launches her Lucid Lipgloss line with a photoshoot and store opening. At the opening, the only members of the cast there are Suzie and Kenya. The lack of support might have been due to the fact that Jen didn’t invite anyone else. According to Tami, that was her reason for not going. Jen should know she needs all the support she can get for a lipgloss line that isn’t unique. I’m pretty sure I can get the NYX versions of Lucid lipglosses for cheaper, but kudos to her anyway.

Kesha’s Charitable Lecture – At Kesha’s charity event, Suzie, Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and Kenya show up to support the cause. In her way of showing gratitude, Kesha proceeds to lecture them about how serious they need to take the event and ask them to watch Suzie so she doesn’t drink too much and act up. Understandably, the ladies are offended and Tami sums it up with “We felt like…she was chastising us because of one of our classmates who acted a fool on the last museum trip.” As if that wasn’t enough, Kesha then tells Suzie that the ladies are being “Debbie Downers.” REALLY MA’AM? Tami was clearly not there for her condescension so she picked up her bag and left. Welp.

Tami Questions Kesha’s Blackness – After the charity event, the ladies get together for what seems like a ritual debriefing. As soon as Kesha sits down, it was on! Evelyn brings up the problems between the Tami and Kesha, and started with “I’m all about let’s talk about it and move on.” Clearly, Ev has never met herself and lacks self-awareness. Anyway, the one of the main issues was about Kesha feeling like Tami keeps questioning her identification as a Black woman because she’s biracial. But Tami isn’t trying to hear it since Kesha took it to everyone else first. Old Tami, pre-therapy creeps out and she calls her a bitch three times, like a cuss word Beetlejuice.

Then there’s the issue of Kesha’s lecture at the charity event. Tami thinks it was unnecessary because “we don’t show our ass every time we leave the house.” You’re right, Tami, because y’all only act up most of the time. Meanwhile, Kenya was in her seat cackling at Kesha’s humiliation. We’ll just wait until she gets her busted wet n’ wavy snatched one day, and I bet nothing will be funny then.

Next week, the ladies prove how much they know how to act by getting into a couple of confrontations at dinner, hurling cuss words like rice at a wedding. Suzie and Tami have some words for one another, while Evelyn and Jen call each other everything but God’s children. And this is why they cannot have nice things.

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