The high drama continued on this week’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and I got my entire life with this hood telenovela.

So whose is it? – The episode kicks off where last week’s left off. Joseline tells Stevie she’s pregnant and he looks like it made no sense to him. Sir, did you use prophylactics every time you sexed her down? I doubt the answer is yes, so stop looking like a deaf and paralyzed deer in headlights. Biology says there’s chance that you are the daddeh!

Erica Steps Her Cookies Up – After Lil Scrappy goes to Momma Dee and says he’s moving out of Erica’s place, he comes home to a special surprise. Erica is dressed in the finest of cheap lingeries with the cheapest of red pleather heels and fishnets to cater to her man. She has rose petals on the floor, champipple in her glass and chocolate-covered strawberries.

And then in the middle of her massaging his crusty feet, Scrappy drops the news of him moving out. He’s about as grateful as Simba was to Scar.

Drama at K.Michelle’s Event. Again. – K.Michelle has an event to sing and show her vocal talents to the people. As she performs, Karlie points to a woman sitting in the table behind Stevie J, as one of his side chicks. Soon after, Stevie comes to the girls’ table and asks for a kiss from an obviously pissed Mimi. When she rebuffs him, he walks off super salty. Erica mocks him, and he comes back to give her his mind. He calls her a “disrespectful slut monkey” and I almost fell out. Pot, you got your nerve calling someone kettle, with your community property penis. I bet you can get a night with Stevie J on Living Social at this point.

The next day, he apologizes to Mimi for his behavior, saying he was drunk and didn’t know better. Sir, you had one too many sips of Alizé and you wanna act a plum fool. NO SIR. That is not an excuse.

Joseline Opens Up – Joseline’s BFF comes over and she tells him she’s pregnant. She admits to loving Stevie J, because he changed her life within 4 months of them meeting. She shows how broken she is by telling him that for someone to make such an impact on you, you have to have sex with them. If that were the case, a lot of us owe a lot of people some horizontal boogies. Poor child.

Scrappy Gets Angry – As Erica helps Scrappy pack his collection of tall white tees in moving boxes, she tells him about the encounter she had with Stevie J. When Scrappy hears that he called her out her name he says “I wanna rough him up, doe. I wanna put the paws on ‘im” That’s Scrappy for “Don’t come for my girl, B.”

K.Michelle Vents To Folks – K.Michelle goes to see Ariane, and talks about how Karlie is messy as heck, since she’s always instigating drama. “I hope somebody gives her a check because she’s in everybody’s business but her own. And she’s walking ’round with an inflated ass cheek.” WELP. She also goes to see music executive Jeff Robinson, who she admits to that she shouldn’t have gotten sexually involved with her boss when she had a record deal. It’s cool, girl. Hindsight is 20/20.

Joseline and Mimi’s Squabble Dinner – Joseline decides to meet up with Mimi to discuss Stevie J, since his sperm found her uterus. Off the bat, she’s disrespectful to Mimi, saying how when she first met Stevie, he didn’t come home for 3 months, and because he was freaking her. Side chicks are so bold in 2012. As they’re talking, Stevie texts Joseline, who then asks him to come by. That goofy shows up, and Mimi goes off on him about this alleged pregnancy. Then he pulls Joseline’s pregnancy test out his pocket. Mimi is outraged and storms off, but instead of Stevie going after her, he stays to throw water at Joseline. The two argue and he tells her that if she keeps on causing drama in his life, he’ll make sure she ends up stripping to eat again. She’s in shambles and sobbing for her life.

Next week’s episode, we’ll get to see Scrappy’s attempt to “put the paws” on Stevie J. With a name like Scrappy, I hope he knows how to fight.

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