Last night was the season finale of “Love and Hip Hop,” and the results may or may not be as you predicted. Let’s get into the happenings!

Chatting in the Kitchen – The kitchen was the meetup spot for heart-to-hearts this episode. Yandy paid a visit to Kimbella and was told that Juelz got arrested that day. He was being held on $46,000 bail. Elsewhere, Chrissy and Nancy Jones showed each other love and buried all hatchets they may have had.

Olivia turns down the deal – Olivia told Rich Dollaz that she wouldn’t be accepting the 3-album record deal she was offered. I think it was a smart decision because album 3 might not have been released until 2043, and who has that kind of time?

Emily seeks Chrissy’s Advice – Emily was struggling with her breakup from Fabolous and doubted her decision to walk away from their relationship. Chrissy’s insight was that a man might do his dirt but he should do everything in his power to keep it from being thrown in his lady’s face. And since Fab was not respecting Emily enough to hide his cheating, she shouldn’t doubt her decision.

Olivia and DJ ‘FunkMaster’ Flex Clear the Air – Apparently, Olivia and Flex had beef but they put it to rest on his radio show. According to Liv, they had some “misunderstandments.” She needs a new dye job and a dictionary.

Kimbella breaks down at dinner – Kimbella and Yandy went to dinner and Kim broke down as she talked about her relationship with Juelz. She thought he was cheating and wasn’t serious about the two of them as a couple. To me, it sounded like if they were on Facebook, her status would say “It’s complicated” and his would say “single.”

Olivia meets with Jerry Wonda – Olivia wanted to give her career some legs, so she met with producer Jerry Wonda. He strummed a guitar and she read-sang some lyrics from her BlackBerry. Olivia has a very nice voice and that’s not what’s keeping her from greatness. It might be her highlights or lack of charisma.

Kimbella has big secret – Kimbella told her mother she was pregnant. I think her mom gave her side-eye for a split second, before telling her that she wished Juelz would finally propose to her. But he probably won’t, Mama Kim.

Mama Jones hits the stage!  – Mama Jones somehow scored a public performance of her song (about Chrissy) called “Psychotic B*tch.” She went onstage rocking a red cape, looking like Super CrackWoman. That woman is absurd.

The Jones takeover Jamaica! – The Joneses (and Chrissy) went on vacation to Jamaica, and they had a blast. Mama Nancy and Chrissy have come a long way, and their love has grown into mutual respect.

This season should have been called “Love and Wig Snatch” with all the fighting. However, it ended up on a positive note. All is fair in “Love and Hip Hop.” Are you looking forward to the next season?

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