Love and Hip Hop Atlanta started off with a bang last week, and this episode’s most dramatic moment did the same (ZING! You’ll see what I did there later). Now that “All My Children” is off air, I’m glad to say VH1 has brought me my new favorite soap opera.

Leave him, girl – Mimi meets with her BFF, the sensible Ariane, who tells her that Stevie J. basically played her like a fine-tuned instrument at the party we saw last week. Mimi’s embarrassed, but doesn’t answer when Ariane asks if she’ll leave him.

Studio Showdown – Karlie goes to talk to Stevie in the studio and finds Joseline instead. RihanNAWL is mad at Karlie for blowing up her and Stevie’s meandering ways, so she tells her he doesn’t have time because she’s his number one priority. If that makes you sleep better at night, Joseline.

Meetup at Mimi’s Job – Since Mimi isn’t answering his calls, Stevie shows up at her cleaning company to talk. Of course he totally denies ever sleeping with Joseline. She doesn’t believe him (for good reason), so she asks for partnership in his music business. Welp. I guess if nothing else works to keep him faithful, hit him where it hurts: his pockets.

Erica’s Heart-to Heart with Mother – We’re introduced to Erica’s mother and her name is “Mignon.” She rocks fingerwaves and baby hair and looks like a caricature of 1998. But she’s sweet, and she and Erica have a heart-to-heart about life and love. We find out that she used to be addicted to crack and went to prison. Erica talks about feeling abandoned, and they leave on a sweet moment as they say they love each other and hug.

Date night with Stevie J – Stevie J takes Mimi on a dinner date but his romantic night is thwarted when she presents him with a contract asking him for 20 percent partnership. When he realizes she’s serious, he says “I’ll do whatever I gotta do to make you mines.” What 12 year-old gave him that line? To smooth things over, he serenades her cheesily on the piano. Ok NOBabyFace… Unfortunately, it worked and Mimi was melting like ice cream in Arizona heat.

Rasheeda’s Tardy for the Video – We met Rasheeda last week but we didn’t learn about her until now. She’s a rapper who’s been married for 12 years to Kirk, who also doubles as her manager.

Her oddly catchy single is “Marry Me” and she presses Kirk to get her a full video shoot for it. Rasheeda shows up two hours late and then goes off when he brings up her tardiness. Apparently, she was running around getting the rest of her outfits, since he didn’t get her a stylist. Since she showed up rocking her best Evelyn Lozada makeup impression, and picked subpar outfits for the video, we’re all hoping he gets a stylist next time. She needs it.


Mimi the Boss – Stevie J. and Joseline are in the studio working when Mimi shows up to tongue down her man and ask how he feels about working with Karlie. His response is “Right now in my eyes she a rat. And I’m a dog so…” what that gotta do with the price of  tea in China? Mimi says thay now that she’s partner, Stevie has to and Joseline says she gon be a problem.

Joseline’s Passes A Test – Joseline and her raggedy wig are three to four weeks late, and after telling Stevie about it, she takes a pregnancy test, and we’re get to witness everything about it besides her actually peeing on the stick. Whoever had to do that camera work didn’t get paid enough. She cries as she looks at the test, which means it must be positive. Then she takes it to Stevie whose first question is “So whatchu gon do about this?” “You supposed to handle this off the rip.” As he prods her to get an abortion because she got photo-shoots and choreography to handle. He asks her whose it is and she tells him it’s his.

As I hit my Flava Flav “WOW” the episode ends. OMG! This is better than “Carmen the Hip Hopera” ANY DAY!

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