The Real Housewives of Atlanta are making progress in their personal and professional lives. In the midst of all their verbal wig snatches and squabbling, the ladies actually take some good steps in their lives: a new film role, new business venture and engagement.

Kim and Cynthia’s Peaceful Lunch – Cynthia’s saying she’s not able to picture Kim holding babies at an African orphanage is where tension laid between the two women. At this lunch, Cynthia apologizes for it, Kim accepts, and they go about their ways—which is great because this issue has spanned across five episodes.

NeNe Goes to Hollywood – NeNe travels to LA for meetings, as she gets more serious about acting and reveals she wants an Oscar one day. We live in a world where 3 6 Mafia has one, so stranger things really do happen.

NeNe brings her assistant, Andre, along but gets annoyed because he’s “very gay.” She asks “Can you not be gay for five minutes?” Ma’am, can your mouth not be so large for five minutes? I feel like this is a fair question. Rude, but fair.

Kroy Asks for Permission – Kroy goes to ask Joe, Kim’s dad, for his approval to propose to her. He feels like Kim’s girls are his, and he’s ready to build a solid life with her. Joe gives him permission and welcomes him to the family. Kim managed to find her a gem in Kroy, after her past as Big Papa’s mistress. Good for her!

Phaedra’s First Funeral Arrangement – Phaedra is serious about going into the funeral business so she gets practice by helping a grieving family with their funeral arrangements. Her soft, empathetic voice is slightly amusing as she walks them through the process.  As she gets to the total cost, the two “mourners” start laughing because they were just mock clients to prep Phaedra for the real ones.

NeNe’s Celebrity Drive-Bys – To celebrate her meeting with hit show “Glee”—which proves successful because NeNe inks the role, NeNe and Andre go to a bar in LA. They run into the ‘Man of Many Suits with Many Buttons’ Steve Harvey, and his wife Marjorie. Keshia Knight Pulliam also drops by to offer NeNe insight on living a bi-coastal life between ATL and LA. Look out, Hollywood! Ne Ne Leakes might be a resident very soon!

Phaedra and Willie Watkins Partner – Phaedra invites all the ladies to a gala where her funeral business mentor Willie Watkins is being honored by the city of Atlanta. Figures there’d be escorts in tuxedos and top hats. Watkins looked like a dark-skinned Mr. Moneybags.

When Willie shows up, the ladies assume he’d make a speech and the program would move along. Not so! About 15 people get up to talk about old Willie, including someone who looked like her name was Sister O’Dell. Folks were wondering if they were at a funeral because it surely seemed like they were eulogizing the man.

Finally, Willie calls Phaedra up to the podium, and she announces they’re now partnering to open a new funeral home. Phaedra says, “Willie, we gon’ bury a lot of people. And we’re gonna give them funerals worth dying for.” Umm… ok.

Kim Breaks News to Sheree – In the middle of the Willie Watkins show, Kim asks Sheree to step outside with her. She shows her the 10-karat engagement ring she got from Kroy, and Sheree screams with joy, as if someone told her Chateau Sheree was actually finished. All this joy she’s showing at Kim’s engagement is side-eye worthy—when her daughter told her she wanted to marry her longtime boyfriend, all she managed to do was slow blink. Shade, Sheree, shade!

Next week is the season finale, and Kandi has the launch party for her toy line and NeNe storms out. This oughta be interesting!

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