An upcoming marriage, a looming divorce, a patched up friendship and a broken sisterhood are all issues dealt with in last night’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The ladies all seem to be dealing with milestones or difficult relationships, and they somehow pulled it off without lacefront snatches. This is progress.

Kim and Kandi Mend Fences – There’s been tension between Kim and Kandi lately so they sit down and talk about it. Kandi feels like their friendship suffered through folks like Sheree instigating fights, and Kim admits she misses how close they used to be. They agree to communicate more so they can get to where they were. Aaawww.

Difficult Divorce Decision – NeNe and Greg have reached a divorce settlement agreement and all that was left was for them to sign the final papers. However, NeNe isn’t sure she’s ready. In a therapist’s office, she admits she doesn’t want to lose her partner, but knows love isn’t enough to keep them together. “If me and Greg stay together, it’s gon have to be a whole lot of forgiving and a ton of forgetting.” In spite of her brashness (and love of earrings that sound like wind chimes when she walks), NeNe does have a soft spot. It’s good to see there isn’t a Louboutin shoe where her heart used to be.

Kandi Goes Country – Kandi is expanding musically, so she writes a song with country singer, Jo Dee Messina. The popular songwriter travels to Nashville to experience the country music recording process and sings with Jo Dee in front of a live audience. It’s a dream come true for Kandi, but she knows she still has a long way to go before she makes her mark in country music.

Cynthia Sets Mal Straight – After Mal’s tantrum at Peter and Cynthia’s first anniversary party, Cynthia is sick of her sister’s interference with her life. “She’s not acting like a sister. She’s basically acting like a hater.” Mal shows up to apologize to Cynthia, while on her way back home to France. Cynthia does not mince her words, telling her sister to concentrate on her own life instead. WELP.

Ayden’s birthday party – Phaedra and Apollo’s adorable baby boy Ayden turns one so they have a water park party for him 2 hours from Atlanta. Dwight Eubanks was on hand to help, while rocking a three-piece suit and a face full of makeup. At a water park. Oh. Of course the party was extra for no reason. “My son is a Prince. He’s Atlanta royalty.” This explains why Phaedra charters a bus to bring folks over. And we musn’t forget the 12 cakes for Ayden (one for every month of his life). I’m just glad Phae wasn’t rocking rhinestones on her eyelids like she did at her baby shower.

Marlo fesses up – Last week, Marlo tells a huge lie when she denied using “f*ggot” to insult Sheree so she goes to clear the air with Miss Lawrence. Lawrence tells his “good Judy” to never use the word again, but she tries to negotiate instances where it could be ok. “I’ma say it to someone who doesn’t mean anything to me.” NO, Marlo! Just… no!

Sheree Gives Her Blessing – Sheree’s daughter, Tierra, says her longtime boyfriend, Damon, has been talking marriage and they’re ready. Sheree responds by telling Tierra how marriage changes everything, using her failed one as an example. But she talks to Damon one-on-one to see what he really wants. At lunch, Damon tells Sheree Tierra is the most caring person he’s ever met and he falls in love with her over and over again. She finally gives her blessing and offers to help him pick out a ring. If only “She by Sheree” had a bridal line…

Next week, Cynthia and Kim finally see each other for the first time since before the South Africa trip. Passive-aggressiveness, here they come!

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