Part two of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion was last night and the ladies came out verbally swinging. The spouses dropped in on Andy Cohen’s couch and Marlo Hampton popped in towards the end. Let’s get into the tea!

Cynthia’s stuck in the middle – Andy brings up the drama between Peter and Cynthia’s sister, Malorie. Cynthia says the two of them need to respect each other, but we all know it won’t happen and Mal can’t mind her own business. NeNe adds her two cents (even though no one asked her), saying Mal needs to fall back. Then she lets us know that she and Peter don’t flirt with one another—nevermind  no one even brought that up. Feeling guilty, ma’am?

Kroy’s Love for Kim – Kim’s husband Kroy, joins the set while rocking a comb-over that would make Donald Trump envious. Nice dude, bad hair. As Andy asked him about the drama Kim was involved in, Kroy tried his darnest to be diplomatic. But it’s obvious  he loves Kim and supports her in all her wiggy glory.

Phaedra’s About Her Business – Phaedra is now in mortuary science school and her hubby Apollo, says he’s willing to help her financially with the funeral business but won’t be very hands-on. I wanted to tell him that you can’t use cigarettes as currency on the outside but that would be rude. When Andy asks Phaedra if she’d come out with a clothing line, she replies with “I think clothing lines are overdone” and the camera cuts to Sheree. ALL of the shade! However, she wants to release a “donkey booty” workout tape instead. I’d buy that in a MINUTE!

Andy asks Phaedra what Apollo does for a living and she says “assets recovery” but clarifies that he is not a repo man. However, her attempt at explaining the specifics of his work failed so this leads me to believe that he works in a windowless building and has a clear business card. Yes, he might be Tommy from “Martin.”

Black Baby-Gate Settled – The topic that just won’t die is the conversation that happened in South Africa where Cynthia says she can’t picture Kim in an orphanage holding Black babies. Sheree apologizes to Kandi for throwing her under the bus, backing up and running her over with it. She admits she was wrong because Kandi wasn’t the one who said it. But, she also chastises her for agreeing with Cynthia, saying she wasn’t being a real friend to Kim. If Sheree were such good friends with Kim then she would have spoken up for her when it happened. I’m not here for her selective gooning.

Marlo Joins the Fray – Marlo didn’t waste much time when she hit the Bravo couch to start throwing her best hits towards Kim. I guess she has a lot of anger towards her, because she directs a “You are a whore” her way that just felt like it came from the deep. But she doesn’t have much right to be calling her Kim a whore. It’s like the pot calling the kettle loose. Kim jabs her back but Marlo ducked and hit her with “I’ve never dated a married man so the next time you talk about the hole between my legs, measure yours.” Well damn! She must have gargled some roastarade before she came on the show. Goodness! Keep this fight clean ladies! Bob and weave. Bob and use your weave! Marlo’s a messy monster. She must be trying to get a permanent spot on the show.

The final part of this reunion is coming up on Sunday, and it looks like the most explosive one yet. Kandi goes off on someone (I bet it’s NeNe) about how she can help anyone she pleases because she got the pockets! WELP! This will be good!

Tune into the final showdown!

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