Last night, Andy Cohen sat down with the ladies of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for the reunion special, but this is only the first of three specials. I guess it’ll take 3 hours for the shade and drama to be talked through this season, and judging by this first part, there’s going to be more yelling than talking.

Label Loving Ladies – Andy talks about how the ladies love labels and NeNe lets us all know that she is absolutely not label-obsessed. She must not have met herself because she stays letting folks know what designer she’s rocking.

Bedroom Kandi” Booms – Kandi’s line of private toys is booming, selling out everywhere and expanding to consultants who throw private parties. As she talks about it, NeNe’s giving extreme side-eye and judging mouth. Kandi tells her she doesn’t understand why she’s being judgmental since she used to be a stripper and Lenithia goes off! ”I don’t care if I stripped when I was 20, 30 or 40. I don’t want a dildo up my ass TODAY!” WELL DAMN. I guess she told her!

Oh and Kandi’s in a relationship and in love with a member of the production of RHOA. Sings “Kandi’s got a man at home…”

Kim’s Whirlwind Life – Kim’s life has been changing constantly for the past year. She’s moved, had a baby and got married. She announces that she’s pregnant again and the ladies congratulate her. NeNe could have kept hers though, because what she offered was some half-asses, side glanced “congrats.” Kim also says Sweetie’s no longer her assistant, but she’s part of her family. Good, because Sweetie can’t assist a peacock to be colorful.

Sheree’s Lowkey Losing – “She by Sheree” is still not in stores, Chateau Sheree is “Neverland” according to NeNe, and she still hasn’t gotten child support from her ex-husband, Bob. In short, Sheree might be losing. Then she tries to throw Phaedra under the bus by saying she didn’t take her seriously as a client and tried to question her expertise as attorney. And she insisted that Chateau Sheree was being built while everyone gave her a side-eye. No one is here for She and her pay day loan finances or tears.

NeNe’s Rich and Ridiculous –NeNe tells the ladies that she is “very rich” and Sheree says she knows the Trump show only paid $25,000. Sheree says if she’s so rich, why did her son get arrested for shoplifting at WalMart. This is when NeNe flipped, and I actually support her for this. Bringing her son into this argument was low and seriously out of line. Sheree should have left the kids out of the discussion, and she should have a firm seat for bringing Bryson up.

Anyway, while NeNe’s talking about how she’s rich, she should know that if you have to say it, you probably ain’t rich. As Kim mentions, Kandi’s probably the richest of the group, because she’s had music money since the early ‘90s. NeNe got TV money (“Glee”) from last week, so who’s winning? I’ll bet Kandi. NeNe, your nouveau riche is showing again. Please tuck it in.

I love ratchetness as much as the next enthusiast but this reunion was so off-putting because of the obvious disdain some of the ladies feel for each other. My least favorite of this cast is Sheree, followed by NeNe for a close second. Sheree can’t seem to have nice things and it might be because her only talent is throwing folks under the bus. And I’m happy for NeNe’s success but the person she’s become as a result of it is nothing cute.

Part two of the reunion is on Thursday, and Marlo will be joining the ladies. The saga and wig snatches shall continue.

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