Last night’s season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” showed camaraderie between Phaedra, Sherée, Marlo, Cynthia, Kim and Kandi as they supported each other. NeNe’s left off the list because she continues to show out and confirm people’s accusations that she’s changed for the worse.

NeNe’s Tough Decision – Every time we think there’s a Louboutin where NeNe’s heart used to be, she shows a little bit of emotion. While shopping with Cynthia, she admits that she’s feeling sad because she’s decided to go forward with her divorce with Gregg. And one thing she’ll miss a lot is their sex life. Not that we wanted to know that.

Cynthia’s Casting Call – The Bailey Agency is open so Cynthia has a casting call to find students she can train to get ready for the modeling world. She finds ten mediocre at best candidates. This is clearly no “America’s Next Top Model”— although one of the girls she picked used to be on ANTM.

Kandi’s Casting Call – Kandi has a casting call of her own since her line of private toys are ready for debut. She needed muscular male masseuses for her launch party so she enlists the help of Phaedra and Sheree. A couple of the candidates come looking like five year-olds about the chest and were exed out. Then, some chocolate Adonises came through to pamper the ladies and Sheree mentions how she hasn’t been romanced in a while. Did she forget about her suitor Dr. Tiy-E, who might have gotten his “Dr.” title from “Unreal College of America?”

Kroy’s Birthday Gift from Kim – Kroy celebrates his birthday with Kim, and as they step outside of the restaurant they went for dinner, a black Porsche with a red ribbon pulls up. DANG, Kim! Whose money did you use for that? Was it from those “Tardy for the Party” royalties? Either way, good job!

NeNe’s Suitor and Rolex – John, NeNe’s Italian business partner (and platonic sugar daddy) takes her to dinner, where he proceeds to tell her how she fixed him when he was in “broken pieces.” Then he gifts her with a Rolex watch, and makes an analogy about how if you “work it, it could last forever.” All while making googly eyes at her. NeNe thanks him and says she likes his giving heart. John’s a bit creepy, and it’s clear that NeNe’s not enjoying much but his open wallet.

Kandi’s Toy Line Party – The night of the “Bedroom Kandi” launch party arrives and there’s a line of folks around the block. Kandi not only invited her friends, press and other VIPs, but she also invited her Twitter followers to the party. Smart move, because she recognizes they’re the people who will buy and talk up her products. But the lack of exclusivity rubs NeNe the wrong way. She spends her whole time there complaining saying “I’m not used to being around a whole bunch of Twitter people.” NeNe was acting like the occasion was so beneath her, when she just stopped rocking black lip-liner 2.7 years ago. STOP IT.

Even Marlo and Cynthia loosened up and enjoyed massages from some oiled up men. While they were being pampered, NeNe told them she was leaving “Dickland” since it wasn’t her scene. And leave she did, even though she was their ride home, driving away with a loud “Goodnight, bitches!” for good measure.

According to the ending credits, Phaedra’s working on a mortician makeup line, NeNe’s divorce is now official, Sheree’s still trying to get child support from her ex-hubby, and Kandi’s working on conquering Rock music.

Next week is the reunion special and in the previews, we see the ladies do not hold back in their verbal wig snatching. I cannot wait for all of the tea. And shade. And weave. And Herve Leger dresses. This will be good!

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