The Real Housewives of Atlanta are still in South Africa, and we pick up where the fight left off last episode. Marlo and Shree are still in a heated shouting match, until NeNe becomes the peacemaker and breaks it up.

Tales of Two Dinners – Afterwards, Cynthia, NeNe and Marlo head to Nobu restaurant while Sheree, Kandi and Phaedra go to Kevin, Sheree’s friend’s house. At Nobu, the ladies recapped the fight. Nene and Cynthia both felt like Marlo hit below the belt with the insults she directed towards Sheree.

At Kevin’s, the others are greeted by drummers and a fire stick twirler. The party sits down for dinner and Kandi ends up next to Vince, a model from Botswana and aspiring music producer. Much flirting from Vince’s end, and Kandi dismisses him to Phaedra, saying he had no job. He was basically Tommy from “Martin.” I bet his business card was clear with invisible ink.

Magic City in South Africa? – The two groups meet up at a club after dinner. As Sheree walks in, Marlo greets her with a middle finger. And to really prove how classy she is, she proceeds to make it rain, throwing money in the air. Who knew Magic City had a franchise in Cape Town? Surely not I.

Bye Capetown, Hello Shamwari – The next day, the housewives leave Cape Town for the more rural Shamwari. There, they’re greeted by the staff at the hotel they’re staying. Marlo asks them about hair and makeup and Phaedra responds with “We’re on a safari. We’re not doing a fashion show.” Auntie Phae stays being the voice of reason.

Breakfast of Fashions – The morning after, breakfast is on the agenda. Last to sit are NeNe and Marlo, who seem to be getting dressed for New York Fashion Week, not a day of animal sightseeing. When they finally get to the table, Marlo couldn’t help but announce that NeNe fur cap was Louis Vuitton. “I’ve been in the fashion industry for 20 years. I think I know what Louis Vuitton is when I see it. Thank you!” said Cynthia. WELP!

South African Safari – The ladies set out for the safari, but not before Marlo asks to be carried to the car because her heels will dig into the grass. No one asked her to rock stilettos and shiny hammer pants for the occasion so NO!

The landscape on the safari looked beautiful, and the animals were awesome. When Sheree and crew see giraffes, they say “there goes Cynthia and Marlo!” All of the shade! When Marlo sees zebras, she mentions how she feels bad that they killed a zebra for her rug. Ma’am, your nouveau riche is once again showing. Kindly tuck it in.

Giving Back to Kids – Then they go visit a school, where they’re greeted with kids singing and dancing. Afterwards, the ladies go in a nearby supermarket to buy supplies for the children. $1,100 on provisions later, and the ladies show that underneath the shallowness, they have good hearts!

Next, they stop at an orphanage, where another group of adorable kids sing and dance for them. Phaedra gets choked up, and even Marlo stops worrying about how she looks long enough to play with the kids. ‘Twas really sweet.

The episode ends with the ladies riding back to their hotel in what seemed like an introspective silence. In the preview for next week, we see Marlo dropping down and getting her eagle on. Tune in!

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