This episode of Basketball Wives picks off where it left last week. Evelyn takes a sip of her mojito and pounces on Kenya, but thankfully, Tami holds her back otherwise she might have mollywhopped her. And it turns out that the second object she threw wasn’t another bottle but a plate off the table. It narrowly missed hitting Shaunie in the head, and would have connected if she hadn’t ducked fast enough.

Vacation from their vacation – Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami meet to talk about the antics of the night before (naturally). They kiki it up about Kenya almost getting killed by Ev, who says she would have “caught a case.” I repeat, she is too grown to be this immature —nearing 40 years-old and still acting like this? Anywho, the ladies say they need to get away. From what? I’m not sure. They settle on Tahiti as the location because it’s zen. No amount of “zen” can make these ladies behave. They’d probably fight in the presence of the Dalai Lama.

Evelyn’s Meets with Her Assistant – I had no clue that Evelyn had an assistant, and her name is Nia. I guess a full Google calendar of drink appointments with women you don’t really like requires one. She says she can’t believe she’s getting married, especially this fast. We can’t believe you’re getting married either, Ev. She also mentions how Jennifer won’t be on the wedding list.

Suzie Mediates Successfully – Suzie and her mission to get everyone to be friends again seems honorable, although I think she’s just tired of wasting gas money meeting them all individually. She insists that Royce and Jennifer should make up so they meet up for drinks. Jen’s mad at Royce over things she said on Twitter (but doesn’t even remember what they were because she got the info from “second and third parties.” So Jen really just had this year-long beef over hearsay tweets? My goodness gracious. Are these women 12? Anyway, she apologizes to Royce and they hug it out. Suzie did good on this one.

Kenya’s Video Screening – Jennifer, Royce, Kesha, Suzie, Tami and her cousin Shauna, are invited to a screening of Kenya’s music video. Before watching the vid, the ladies tell Kenya to be herself, since she seems to become whoever she’s around and her obsession with Jen is called out. Of course, Kenya doesn’t get the point, saying “I’ve been me. Maybe me is a mixture of all of them. Maybe that’s why I’m so fabulous.” Oh.

After watching video, and Kenya asking for their honest feedback, the ladies basically told her it was crappy and she can’t dance and she needs a new stylist. Naturally, Kenya thought they were just hating on her. Tami’s washed her hands of Kenya, saying “She doesn’t listen, she alienates everybody and she still thinks it’s 1992.” This is my Ms. Roman and favorite on the show.

Tami’s Meets with her Mom – In previous episodes, we found out that Tami was molested when she was young, and it’s partly why she harbors so much anger. She talks with her mom about this and says she’s also angry at her for not protecting her enough because she wasn’t there for her emotionally. Her relationship with her mother isn’t great and she wants to work on it so she can begin to fix her issues.

On the next episode, Tami’s mom breaks down as her daughter tells her about her hurt. Also, the non-wives go to the racetrack together and Jen is bitch-slapped AGAIN, this time by an edgeless Nia, Evelyn’s assistant. Poor Jen.

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