The ‘Love and Hip Hop’ season finale was a couple of weeks ago, and the series needed the obligatory wrap up show. The typical reunion special didn’t happen though. Most of the cast members refused to be in the same room with one another. So executive producer Mona Scott-Young interviewed each cast member individually.

First up: Jim Jones, who looked like he’d rather be taking a shower than be there. He didn’t look at Mona as he answered her questions, and was all slouched down in his seat like a pouty teenager. His working relationship with Yandy is done. He’ll be tuning into season 3 because the drama won’t be about him—which means he probably won’t be on it at all.

Next was Emily, who has reunited with Fabolous. Emily said Fab admitted he “had a form of sex” with Kimbella, but not intercourse, and their relationship is back on track. “Before I was saying he wasn’t claiming me. Now he’s doing all the claiming.” You need more people, Em!

Kimbella’s pregnant (as we found out on the finale). We spotted the tell tale preggo boobs. She isn’t with Juelz Santana right now though, and seems kind of heartbroken by it. Poor Kimbo.

Chrissy refused to be interviewed by Mona because she felt like she was used to create drama on the show, so Mona Scott-Young’s partner had to do it. After the fight in the Miami club with Yandy, Chrissy walked off the show and the producers thought she quit. “I didn’t quit the show. I just had to quit the situation.” That was code for “I’m loving these ‘Love and Hip Hop’ checks!”

Then there was Yandy. Her weave overwhelmed me. She denied she ever slept with Jim, and confirmed she and Chrissy were never girlfriends— but they did talk before the show. Things went awry when Yandy was made a full cast member and Jim asked her to quit the show because Chrissy had a problem with it.

Mona also caught up with Nancy Jones, who was looking good in her special occasion outfit. Apparently her “Phsychotic” t-shirt line is now a huge hit, which is a shame because it’s a disrespect to spell checks everywhere. Also, Mama Jones gots no love for Olivia!

Then there was the Olivia interview. Olivia felt like Mona and team had her looking pathetic in the editing process. Mona felt it was hard to tell her story because “private people just don’t make good for reality TV.” Welp. But Olivia did finally pick a side and said she felt Chrissy was at fault in the big fallout with Yandy.

We finally see Somaya, who was looking like the lion that hangs out with the witch in the closet with that terrible wig she wore. She was pissed at Mona for editing her out of most of the season, and even called her a “bitch.” Mona basically told her she got boring so they focused on others more. The ladies made up though, after Somaya apologized for doing the most with the least.

The final cast member was Erica, who literally fought her way unto the show. She felt she was edited to look bad but that was deemed false when Mona showed her raw footage. Erica admitted she messed up and ended up in tears while Mona comforted her. A good boob shake later, she was back to normal.

Season 2 of Love and Hip Hop is a true wrap, and Season 3 will be in Atlanta. A new city, new cast, and new drama. I can’t wait!

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