“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” visited an orphanage in South Africa last week, and this episode starts off with them realizing how fortunate they are.

Visit to the Herbalist – During a visit to the Port Elizabeth Museum, the ladies see an herbalist who tells them their love life fortunes. Pheadra opts out because the medicine man uses bones. If she had holy water, she would have thrown some.

The herbalist tells Kandi the man she was going to marry goes with her everywhere, possibly referring to her ex-fiance AJ, who died a couple of years ago. After that creepy tidbit, he tells Sheree she would not be getting married again. Apparently, she’s old so it won’t be happening for her. SHADE! He also tells Nene she isn’t happy, and although her husband [Greg] is a good man, she cannot stay. He read her like an almanac.

Improptu Pajama Party – Back at the hotel, the ladies have a pajama party in Marlo’s room, where she lays out 29 pairs of shoes. No one can figure out why she needs them for a 10-day trip.

The conversation turns to sex and Marlo and Kandi bond over their freakiness (while dropping it like it’s lukewarm). Then Kandi brings up Marlo’s love of talking about labels and harmony left the builidng. Our girl used her outside voice to talk about how she doesn’t brag but shows her love of fashion. Before it escalates, Phaedra steps in and wraps up the night.

What Animals? – Marlo wakes up sick so Nene offers to stay behind and take care of her as the others go on a safari.

The absence of the rest of the “Talls” allows Cynthia to be more vocal with “The Smalls” (Sheree, Phaedra & Kandi). She admits her and Marlo have different personalities and she doesn’t like how she wears her wealth on her sleeve. She also says how she cannot picture Kim Zolciak in South Africa holding African babies in an orphanage. The other ladies are pleasantly surprised by this version of Cynthia, and are relieved to see her open up.

As the group talks, their safari guide can’t get their attention to show them the animals they’re passing by. When they arrive at their lunch site, Phaedra remarks “We haven’t seen any animals.” You missed them while during the gossip session!

Lunch in the Middle of Nowhere – Marlo is still sick so only Nene joins the ladies for lunch. Kandi brings up the conversation about Marlo and Nene wonders why her friend is the topic of discussion. Cynthia joins and defends her too, in a complete switch from what she said earlier while she was on the safari. She received strong side-eyes from the others, as they realized Cynthia was about that two-faced life.

Snitches Get Side-eyes – Afterwards, the Smalls call Kim to check on her back at home. With Kim on speaker, Sheree tells her that Kandi said she didn’t see her being in South Africa, carrying little Black babies in an orphanage. Kandi objects saying Cynthia said it and what she said is she couldn’t see Kim in South Africa because she doesn’t get along with some of the people on the trip. Sheree is messier than a hoarders house, and Kandi feels like she was thrown under the bus.

Dinnertime Drama – Next, the ladies go to dinner and bring drama with them. Kandi brings up the conversation they had with Kim, and Cynthia confirms she’s the one who said she didn’t picture Kim holding Black babies in an orphanage. Nene goes “Oh y’all had to report to your boss?” and Kandi shoots down the statement saying they’re all bosses. Nene and Marlo make the conversation about them, like they’re gifted in doing, and the label obsession is brought up again. Kandi stands her ground, insisting that Marlo’s obnoxious in her bragging, but no one else pipes up and she’s on an island by herself.

Phaedra notes that whatever peace they find doesn’t last long at all. Ever. “That would be too much like right with these wrong girls.”

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