The wholesome Harrises are back with another episode of “Family Hustle,” and TI continues to be a Hip Hop Cosby. TI & Tiny’s oldest daughter, Zonnique (aka Niq Niq) is lead of the OMG Girlz, a cutesy teenage girl group. They’re back home after a successful 3-month tour, and it’s an adjustment for both Niq and TI. The 15-year old is growing up and her father can’t see her as anything but his “baby girl.”

Driving Decision – Zonnique is turning 16 in a month, and expects a car from her parents. However, she still needs to learn how to drive and one of her parents need to take her. After a long debate between Tiny and TI, no decision is made on who can take her driving. It seems that TI can’t drive yet because of his record and Tiny’s driving record leaves much to be desired.

OMG Girlz Video Shoot – It’s the girls’ first video shoot, and Tip makes his presence on set known, and his opinions heard. The overprotective father adds his two cents to outfit choices and dance moves because according to him, his responsibility is to keep his sons out of jail and his daughters out of strip clubs.

The next day, the OMG Girls have a photoshoot with Tiny. The shoot goes smoothly until uninvited guest, Papa Tip, shows up to regulate. When he walks into the wardrobe and notices some wedge sneakers, he insists that the girls can’t wear them. His rational? “When I was 15, girls who wore wedges wore smeared lipstick, if you know what I’m saying.” One would think they were trying to put on 5-inch sandals with clear heels.

TI was indeed doing the most, but he just didn’t want his girls to end up in Magic City in the future. His heart and motives were pure but his execution and approach were poor. Tiny calls him out on being old-fashioned and he leaves with the satisfaction that he did his job as a father.

Heart-to-Heart with Zonnique – Niq is upset at TI for his overprotectiveness, so he has a chat with her. He can’t adjust easily to her growing up because when he left for jail, she was still a sweet little girl. A year later, he comes back to see a growing young lady and he hasn’t gotten used to seeing her as such. TI knows that his daughter is an awesome person, and his worry isn’t with her but with boys. He doesn’t trust the world and she understands he’s doing it from love.

Next week is a change of pace from the sweetness as Tiny and her friend/hairstylist, Shekinah, get into a huge argument over money. We can always count on Shekinah for a good tantrum and yelling session so this will be watch-worthy.

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