Last night’s episode of T.I. and Tiny’s ‘Family Hustle’ was an adorable 30 minutes of their family. I’d like to think the old thugging TI is dead and gone, and what this show proves every week is how much of a family man he is.

Christmas Decorating – Starting off, TI gathered his brood to decorate their Christmas tree but that didn’t go to well. The kids weren’t finding the bonding time interesting, obvious by 7-year old King’s running around the house like a chicken.

The King Gives Back – Every year, TI’s nonprofit, The King Foundation, puts on a holiday charity event for less-fortunate children. They skipped the year before because TI was “indisposed” (read: locked up) so he wanted to do something bigger with this holiday season. His idea was to do a toy drive and a play to create a more festive holiday for the kids. Ric Ross, the dude who helps run the organization, even convinced TI to don a Santa suit.

By the way, shoutout to the fact that his name is “Ric Ross.” I couldn’t help but conjure up an image of the rapper, Rick Ross, and his double Ds when I saw his name on screen.

Messiah Wrote a Book – Next, TI sat down with Messiah to talk about the children’s book he wrote. His idea was to turn the book into the play that’ll be performed at the charity event so he wanted to understand it better. The book was about dirty trolls and one who’s different because he didn’t have warts. I could have sworn that he was talking about the members of Young Money/Cash Money but nay. TI figured out that the book was really about Messiah, and how he doesn’t feel like he fits in because he’s a shy guy. It was an opportunity for Messiah to open up more.

A Family of Trolls – The King Foundation charity event and play was a family affair, as everyone got involved in the play. Even 3-year old Major got in on the action as a baby troll. My ovaries did the cabbage patch at the sight of that little cutie. Appropriately, Messiah played “Strange Troll,” the one with no warts.

Seeing their family unit in the play was just too cute. TI narrated the story as King Troll, the kids acted out their roles, and my heart strings were tugged. Who’da thunk this thug would be so patronly? I felt like I was watching the hood Cosby’s and I loved it! Messiah even came out his shell and “found a growl somewhere in his chest” as the troll. Afterwards, TI dressed like Santa and handed out gifts to the kids in attendance.

Gosh darnit, I could not take the adorableness! ‘Family Hustle’ is really cute and it’s definitely a good change from the usual ratchetness of VH1’s reality TV shows. In the preview for next week, we see that Tiny might be pregnant. If she is, they’re going to have a full baseball team soon. Stay tuned!

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