This newest episode of T.I. and Tiny’s “Family Hustle” focused on Tiny wanting to expand their family by one. I guess having 15 children isn’t enough for her. Ok more like 6, but you get what I’m saying.

Tiny Admits Her Baby Fever.  Tiny talked to her mom about her wanting another baby. Of course this was met with a side-eye. She misses the feeling of a baby growing inside of her, and the pampering that comes when she’s at the hospital after a newborn. Plus, the gifts are great perks. Me thinks she could just sprain her ankle and achieve the same result without the whole crying baby thing.

Tiny’s Trip to the Gynecologist. Tiny sees her gynecologist, who informs her that since she’s over 35, her fertility rate is decreasing. So Tiny has to make some adjustments to her lifestyle to increase chances of conceiving. She’s advised to change her diet, start taking vitamins and do some exercise. And of course, do it a lot for 6 months!

Bike-riding for Baby . To begin getting in shape for pregnancy, Tiny decided to get TI to join her in doing more cardio. $14,000 of cardio (yikes!) and a pair of bikes later, they were in motion. The couple rode their bikes in their neighborhood, but when Tiny saw a hill, she was done. TI kept going to prove that he could, and within minutes, he was out of breath.

Demo requests during cardio. TI’s bike chain broke and I side-eyed the bike. Any a bike that costs over $6,000 better know how to fix itself! But while Tip was fixing the chain, someone stopped and asked him to check out their CD. TI let the homie know that it’s clearly not a good time to be making demo requests, fixed the chain and rode on home.

Tiny Twerks for Tot. As Operation “Do More Cardio for Pregnancy” continued, Tiny invited her friends Shekinah and Shamra to a dance studio with her. There, she twerked and body-rolled her little heart out. It looked like she was doing a routine for a Xscape comeback!

Tiny Takes TI on Dinner Date. The last person Tiny told about her wanting to expand their family was TI himself so she took him on a dinner date to break the news. TI’s reaction to news of her wanting a 7th child was “That’s starting 5 and 2 subs!” That man be knowing!

Tiny was surprised at his lack of enthusiasm, but saw his point when he talked about how it’d be better if they planned a good time for a new baby. TI was open to the idea, so was “not right now” as opposed to “no.” Team Harris is staying at 8 for now, but they surely can have fun practicing.

Next week, the spotlight is on their son Domani, whose schoolwork isn’t up to par. And according to the Kang, “you have problems with school, you got problems with me!” Gotta love TI!

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