TI continues to be one of the most endearing celebrities on reality TV. The latest episode of “Family Hustle” proved no different. Dude’s thug is officially wading in the water, and I’m getting a kick out of it. This week, we watch the doting father as he instills the value of education in one of his children.

Domani’s Subpar Schoolwork. Tip tells Tiny their 10-year old son Domani, isn’t doing well in school. Reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic have become less important to him since he started performing onstage and TI objects to it saying, “there’s no excuse for sucking in school.” He plans on nipping it in the bud by motivating Domani to do better by taking him to the video shoot he has with fellow rapper, Young Jeezy. Once Domani sees the video, he’d want to make one too, and then he’d be at TI’s mercy to make it happen.

On the way to the shoot, TI tests Domani by asking him to spell “billionaire.” The young’un’s failed attempt at that and counting a wad of cash he was given prompted Papa Tip to tease him about having a big head and not using it enough. Aren’t parents so awesome for self-confidence, sometimes? It reminded me of the episode of the Cosby Show when Cliff told Theo “That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!” after Theo tried to convince him he should be accepted as he is, even with poor grades. Tip Huxtable was in the building!

Music Video Envy. At the video shoot, Tip allows Domani to be on set so the kid could see the hard work it takes to be successful. But his ultimate goal was to make him want to film his own, and it worked! After the shoot ended, Domani walks right into Tip’s trap and requests his own video. He is then given an ultimatum that if he pulled up his grades in school, he could shoot one.

Domani Gets It Together. It worked! Tip comes home to find Domani in his room doing work. Later on, the kiddie runs in the house to show his dad he made the honor roll, with a report card of all A’s and one B. Now it was TI’s turn to hold up his end of the bargain.

Making the Video. Domani is asked to come up with a concept for the video he’d like to shoot. What he comes up with is a video filmed in the White House (yes, the real one). Our president may be Black, but Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t ready to accommodate a rap video yet, so that idea was shut down.

TI tells Domani he has a budget of $2,000, which can only afford him his brothers, the OMG Girlz, and his assistant, Snake, as the director. Not bad. All I used to get for my good grades was a thumps up and a pat on the back—that boy is winning!

At the shoot, Tip gives the budding artist a talk. “I don’t care whose son you are. Your work and your talent must match your ambition. If not, I’m wasting my time and my money.” You better say that and preach, TI! The pep talk did the trick, and Domani completes his music video, impressing Papa Tip.

At the end of the episode, TI gives himself props for motivating Domani to do better by giving him a reward he really wanted. And he reminds him that it can be taken away if his schoolwork suffers again.

Besides the whole being to jail a couple of times thing, TI is really giving me Heathcliff Huxtable vibes with his persona and parenting, and I am really digging it!

Next week, TI works with the cute OMG Girlz, who remind me of a Lisa Frank folder come to life.

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