For 44 years, Atlanta has elected Black men and women to oversee their Black mecca. On Tuesday, the city voted to continue this legacy by electing democratic city councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Bottoms’ victory makes her the second Black woman to hold mayoral office in Atlanta. The 47-year-old’s opponent Mary Norwood, an independent candidate, has called for a recount in the tight race. Bottoms won by 700 votes, which constitutes less than 1 percent of ballots. Provisional ballots have yet to be counted.

In addition to serving as a city councilperson, Bottoms, a former judge, is also an attorney. The Florida A&M University graduate gave a poignant victory speech Wednesday morning.

“For all the little girls out there, who need somebody to believe that you’re better than your circumstances, I want you all to remember that Black Girl Magic is real,” Bottoms said. “And across this city, we got Black Girl Magic, we got Black Boy Magic, we got White Girl Magic, we got White Boy Magic, we have Brown Girl Magic, Brown boy Magic and everything in between. This is a city for all of us and I’m so honored to be your 60th mayor.”