A lawyer representing the family of Keith Lamont Scott has released a video taken by his wife, Rakeiya capturing the moment he was fatally wounded by Charlotte police on Tuesday.

The cellphone footage, given to The New York Times on Friday, comes as residents of the city continue to demand that police body cam video of the incident be released to the public. Authorities have resisted releasing the police video, saying that it would interfere with the investigation of the case.

Police maintain that Scott had a gun in his possession and ignored repeated orders to drop the weapon. Others say that he was only holding a book in his hands as he waited in a car to pick his son up from school. Scott’s wife had come out of an apartment to give him a cellphone charger. The police were on the scene to serve a warrant to someone else.

In Rakeiya Scott’s cellphone video, police are confronting her husband warning him to drop a weapon. Scott is imploring the police not to shoot him and saying that he did not have a weapon. She also said that he had a brain injury and that he had been medicated. The police continue to shout for Scott to drop a gun as his wife shouts “don’t you do it,” but it is unclear what she is referring to in the video. A split second later gunshots ring out.

As she gets closer to the scene, Scott can be seen lying on the ground with fatal gunshot wounds.

Warning: Graphic Images

Justin Bamburg, the lawyer representing the family, told the Times that the cellphone video did not prove whether the shooting was justified or not, but that it provided “another vantage point.” He also said that it didn’t show one way or another if Scott had a gun in his hands.

The family viewed the police video on Thursday and said that it did not show Scott being aggressive or noncompliant with police.

“While police did give him several commands,” the attorney said, “he did not aggressively approach them or raise his hands at members of law enforcement at any time,” Bamburg told the Charlotte Observer. He said Scott’s hands were at his sides and he slowly walked backward toward the police when he was shot. However, he echoed what Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney said earlier about the police video, saying it was impossible to see what, if anything, Scott was holding.

A photo, taken by a witness and released by Charlotte police, shows a gun near Scott’s feet as he lay on the ground. But in the video given to the Times,’ no gun is apparent.

Charlotte has seen three nights of protests since Scott’s death, much of it has been peaceful, but Wednesday night became violent and resulted in extensive property damage and the shooting death of a 26-year-old man. A suspect, Rayquan Borum, 21, was arrested in that case on Friday and charged with murder.

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