On Wednesday, 16-year-old, Kejuan Thomas was shot in the head and chest at point blank range as he played basketball on a Chicago court.

He died at the scene of the South Side court, but not before his family says he was asked a horrifying question. According to FOX 32, his family says the gunman who took their beloved member’s life approached the boy and his stepbrother and said, “Which one? Which one should I shoot?”

Thomas was slated to begin his junior year at Tilden High School. He and his brother were playing at Bradley Park in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood when he lost his life.

“Kejuan was a very sweet child. he was family oriented. I want them to know he was raised with the best intentions of his mother. he was very loved. He was a lovable kid,” his godmother, Tiffany said. “And you chose for whatever reason, for whatever satanic reason, you chose Kejuan.”

“I see him at 9 o’clock in the morning playing basketball, that’s all I see,” said Erica Robertson, who lives next to the court.  “I don’t see him gang-banging or doing anything crazy.”

No one is in custody. Area detectives are investigating.