Actress Keke Palmer, 25, told a Twitter user to "find happiness" after he used one of her dance videos to allege, Wednesday morning, she was unable to book gigs.

"This is why you don't believe everything you read online. You're ignorant Sage," Palmer tweeted. "I'm sorry you don't have a personality unless you're broke.. but I always do, that's why I'm never not booked. I hope you find happiness in your very dull world."

The Pimp star was responding to a comment that read, "somebody give keke palmer a role already so she can stop doing this." The user embedded a video of her dancing to a popular song, which she routinely does on her social media accounts.

After the tweet, a fan replied to Palmer asking if those of "high status" are "Forbidden to have fun and shown personality?" The 25-year-old responded, "INSAAAAAANE!!!!!!! I'm so normal. It's beneath 'celebrity' expectations I suppose."

She added that celebs are regular people, and she doesn't understand why people get "get confused when they see a celebrity acting like a regular a** human."

"I'm not a d**n robot. I'm a dynamic individual," Palmer said in conclusion. "I will always be myself and I hope the same for everyone else."