There was a party. Alcohol. And a gang of people having a good time.

Then, the night took a left turn and we’re here with a social media battle between entertainer Keke Palmer and R&B singer Trey Songz.

In a series of video posts, Palmer shared that she rolled through a party hosted by Songz, a longtime friend in Miami, and was later bombarded with questions about appearing in a video that was being shot at the party location.

After repeatedly saying “no” to being a part of the video, KeKe said she ended up hiding in the closet because she felt “cornered” and wasn’t looking to handle business on a night meant for just kicking back and having a good time.

Long story short, after Trey ensured her that it’s cool and she wouldn’t be used in the footage, a video circulates and whoop! there’s KeKe.

To which Trey responded …

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.05.51 AM

Now, aside from the constant back and forth, KeKe brought up the topic of sexual intimidation and how it’s used against women in the industry. She has been accused of being “extra” and looking for attention. While some argue the score could have been handled offline, another point to be considered is that KeKe could have done a service for those young girls coming up in the industry that may very well face issues of sexual intimidation and gender politics.

A person standing up for themselves, should never be silenced.

At any time, if you feel intimidated or backed into a corner, why not speak out? Filming someone without their permission and then using the footage for profitable gain or any other reason, is not right.

In another post, the actress shared that Ice Cube schooled her to sexism within the industry, when she was 14.

Part 3.. The day I stopped looking like a little girl and started looking like a woman to the men around me, was when I got my wake up call on sexism. When I was fourteen years old I was filming the “Longshots” with Ice Cube and I was just as friendly as I’d always been to the crew and everyone else. He pulled me to the side and I was so scared! He had a few words to give me and I was ofcourse going to listen. He gave me first lesson on unconscious female power. He took the time to tell me I was growing and maturing and that not all the men were showing me affection with the same intention I had. Hmm .. I thought to myself. Years later I find myself in rooms with men that have nothing to say to me other than “u tryna get lit?” Men that I admire and respect but hate because they choose to only see me as a vagina and an unintelligent one at that. Men that shame me for my sex appeal(unless they’re are the ones using it) and try to control me with their “power”. It’s hard and an even harder pill to swallow when many of them watched you grow up. It’s not easy. This is not easy. Just want you to know I’m with you. And thank you Cube, for being a real person, one of the realist I’ve met throughout my career. Ladies we don’t have to walk around in a trash bag, we can be in control of our femininity no matter who it makes uncomfortable and we can be respected if we remain aware, stand TOGETHER and demand so. We are more to the world than eye candy for the man.

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The issue for KeKe appears to go beyond the current fiasco with Trey Songz. It extends to a message for all girls and women to not be ashamed of your sexuality but also don’t allow it to be disrespected.

What are your thoughts on the feud between the two entertainers?