EBONY: What is the Caress Fabulista role? I want to hear more about it from you

Kelly Rowland: I think what I love most about the campaign is that it inspires women to enjoy everyday experiences. Sometimes we find ourselves doing the same thing, the same routine—same hair, same makeup or same workout. It becomes the same, and it’s really important to shake things up a bit. They came with this fresh collection. I feel like your scent sets the tone of your day. I’ve been taught that from my mom since I was a kid. She always said, “You smell good, you look good, you feel good.”

EBONY: How have you changed up your routine since becoming a new mommy-to-be?

KR: At first I was wearing my hair short, and I love, love, love it. But working every day, I really wanted to make things for myself as easy as possible, especially because I work out five to six times a week.

EBONY: How has your focus or life changed since you’ve been pregnant?

KR: I’ve just tried to remain, and it hasn’t been hard, joyful in this whole occasion and this beautiful time in my life. I’m creating and surrounding the baby with positive energy. And that first comes from me. They’re dwelling within, so it’s important I remain in positive spirits. I surround myself with good people.

EBONY: The MTV Video Music Awards are coming up and we know you’re nominated! But you also have a special campaign going on for girls leading up to the campaign. Tell us more about it.

KR: We’re doing this Amp Your Fab campaign, where we’re encouraging everyone out there to take selfies, get on Caress’s Facebook and submit their pictures. Selfies are such a part of today’s culture and Caress wanted to find a cool way to interact with their fans, and so did I. It’s fun, because I’ll announce the winner on the red carpet.

EBONY: Did you get any tips from Beyoncé about motherhood?

KR: You know, all the women around me have inspired me. I have never felt so supported by women as much as I have right now. Everybody has something so positive to say, so I’m grateful for that.