Kelly Rowland is a timeless beauty. While many fell in love with the entertainer during her days with super group Destiny's Child, the singer and actress has transitioned to an even bigger role. Now a mom to two active and adorable boys, Titan and Noah, much of her time is dedicated to loving on her babies, whom she says are her entire world.

"I love my babies," Kelly Rowland gushes. "I really do. We have such a good time together."

During a recent viral video, the busy mom shared a very heartwarming video of her youngest son Noah wanting to be close to her at all times. Even while juggling her still thriving career, Rowland shares that she adores each and every moment. And, for those moments when she's on the road, she always finds a way to make her presence felt by her family.

"When I'm home, I actually start preparing things for my boys the night before. I like to make sure everything is nice and clean, I have a bit of OCD so a clean space is always a priority for me. Then, I'll pull out croissants so that the boys can wake up to the smell of fresh bread in the morning. I do that like once or twice a week. In the mornings, I'll have their favorite snacks ready to go for the day, as well as their water bottles."

"When I'm in the studio or filming on set, those days are tricky. I do rely on things like Insta Cart and Amazon to help me out, all while taking care of home in between everything like recording or reading scripts. It means a lot to me to be able to do so. My kids can still feel my presence, that means the most to me. That way they feel seen and their needs are met even if I'm not home. Although my oldest always says, 'mom, I just want you home,'" the singer adds.

The "Merry Liddle" series executive producer and star recently teamed up with the Family Guard Brand for its YES, PLAY! initiative that highlights the importance of having a dedicated, clean play space in the home, while giving parents the tools they need to be successful in today’s state of family play. The company will give away a total of $50,000 divided among 100 families to create or update an existing dedicated play space in their home to ensure kids have a space to call their own.

For the "Like This" songstress, having a place where she and her boys can play together is not only essential for their bonding time, but also for their development.

"This initiative allows families to just play, together. But it's also about having this clean play space to thrive, to develop and have a sense of imagination. I really am a fan of The Family Guard Brand, I love the way the fresh and citrus scents smell, and they put me in such a good mood. If COVID has shown us anything, it's that kids love a clean space. Learning to keep a clean space also helps with my kids and their cerebral development. We find our groove in the playroom. We get it all dirty, then clean it up together, which is the fun part. That in itself is a responsibility chore, which is good for their brain. They're also learning about colors and sorting as we organize things into their different places. You just have all these skill sets that are happening in the playroom, and it's amazing."

Right now, she says she and her oldest son are bonding over Magna Tiles, which they like to compete over who can make the tallest structure.

"Titan and I have literally sat and played with Magna Tiles for over 3 hours," Rowland shares. "We'll let a movie play in the background and just build. I like to see which one of us will get the taller building. I used to do it by myself, but we now like to build together, then I'll record him in slo-mo knocking it down. It's so cool."

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As for other busy moms out there, Kelly Rowland says the key to it all is having patience. Not only with your children, but with yourself as well.

"I was very nervous about my level of patience prior to being a mom. It's an essential, and you have to have it with kids, especially as they're figuring everything out. I also have to have patience with myself to know that I won't know everything every single time, and that I have to give myself grace. You also have to know that it's okay to ask for help or advice, we don't know it all. Thank God I have a wonderful support system of women and moms who give me such great advice, and make me laugh even in the midst of crying and trying to figure everything out. They assure me that I'm doing things right, and that's so important to have," Kelly Rowland adds."

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