Kelly Rowland has been pretty quiet since her Coachella reunion with Destiny’s Child sisters Beyonce´ & Michelle Williams, but she recently opened up about her upcoming album, married life, motherhood and more.

The Southern belle sat down with Vogue Australia to discuss her latest body of work, saying she’s six in and is looking to bring her track list up to 11 songs total.  She plans to cover a wide range of subject matter, including friendship, marriage and more.

“If I feel it or think it and it touches me in some way, then I think it’s going to do that to somebody else, too,” she said. “It’s about love, loss and gain and whether it’s professional or with family or whatever, it’s just honest. I had no choice but to be honest and authentic with this record: it’s about friendship and marriage.”

Rowland also enjoys working with young, fresh talent, as she’s currently finishing up a collaboration with The Internet’s leading lady.

“I really enjoy getting new blood. And some have been in the game a long time. They are bringing fire. Serious fire. I’ve been working with Syd from The Internet on one record.”

The 37-year-old beauty also admitted to her past fear of commitment, brought on by a string of horrible relationships, saying, “At the beginning, I was scared of the idea of loving one person. I was nervous about being with one person for the rest of my life.”

She went on to say her husband, Tim Witherspoon, was the one who made her believe in true love again. After attempting to push him away by suggesting they take a “break,” his response let her know he was the one.

“I’d had the worst relationships and I was so scared and said, ‘How about we take a break from dating?’ and he said, ‘What if we took a break from dating and God sent you a guy and that guy was me?’ And I was like click! I hung up the phone.

“I was scared, because I knew he was my husband in that moment. And I almost ran away from that, but I just embraced it.”

Year 3………….

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She went on to say that while her hubby can be an “a*shole,” he is also her rock, and an amazing father to their 3-year-old son, Titan.

 “Marriage is awesome, it has its ups and downs, like anything in life, but it’s incredible. My husband is my rock, my best friend. He believes when I don’t, believes that anything can work and that anything is possible in such a positive light.

“I think he’s a freak sometimes, no-one can see things like that, but he’s a realist and he’s positive and he’s an a*shole, but I love him for everything he does, like in the cutest way of an a*shole.”

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Check out behind the scenes footage from her Vogue Australia shoot below.