Kendra Childs, the Houston mother of a two-year-old child was killed a day before her 20th birthday and police are looking for suspects and a motive in a story that has caused a huge social media outcry. Not much information is available about the case and a police investigation is ongoing, but here is what is known:

1. Murder took place in the middle of the day: Childs was shot to death while in a second floor apartment around 12:15 p.m. Tuesday, police say. Her boyfriend, who apparently lives in the apartment returned home from work to find her dead and immediately sought help.

2. A mysterious car was at the scene: Witnesses told police that a black Camaro with tinted windows was seen driving by the apartment and firing multiple rounds, according to Houston Police Department homicide unit spokesman Mark Holdbrook.

3. The killer likely sought her out: Police say Childs was alone in the apartment at the time of her death and they believe that she was the intended target of the shooting.

4. No leads have come up in the case yet: No suspects have been arrested and nobody has been brought in for questioning so far. Police did search a black Camaro they later found, based on a tip but have not said whether or not that vehicle was the one connected to the shooting.

5. Social Media is focusing on Twitter threats: Although there are no suspects or arrests yet, social media users have taken the hashtag #RIPKendra viral, with many asserting that Childs was murdered by a jealous ex-lover of her boyfriend. A person with the Twitter handle @_ladykocaine made veiled threats earlier this year on that account. Users say this person had been romantically connected to Childs’ boyfriend, but there has been no evidence confirming any relation between this Twitter user, the boyfriend or Childs so far. Police have not commented on any investigation of the threats or if the user has been questioned.