Keri Hilson isn’t here for your 1990s clichés, as the Atlanta songstress recently shared her thoughts on women willing to tolerate anything to keep a man.

“It seems a lot of men are looking for the woman who can tolerate the most bullsh*t,” Hilson began, as she tweeted the absurd expectations placed on women in relationships.

“God FORBID she has a requirement for you to treat her right…listen to her…compromise…keep your promises and act on solutions…or have the nerve to have a deal breaker? Oh no!! You will not trample on my heart or feelings & keep ME.”

“I ain’t no ride or die. Yall can have that.”


Hilson, who has previously dated Ricardo Lockette and Serge Ibaka, went on to say she’s played that role before, which just made the relationship worse.

“I tried it once. Know what I got? BOLDER bullshit. No matter what I said/did as a consequence, the ultimate action of giving him another chance each time I was disrespected sent him the wrong message about me. ‘Weak ass bitch’ was all HE saw. Never again. I love me too much.”

She then goes in-depth into the problems with being a ‘ride or die’ girlfriend.

“The whole ride or die concept rubs me wrong. Love is not a contest to see how much pain I can withstand. How many burdens of your boyhood I can carry for your comfort, despite mine. How many untrustworthy situations I can jump over, with an uncertain hope that MAYBE you’ll grow out of putting us in them. How many of your satisfaction I can facilitate while mine are left unaddressed. QUEENS don’t enter that sh*t. We gone get to this finish line with equal effort.”

The ”Pretty Girl Rock” singer went on to clarify that standing by your man through certain issues is fine, as long as you’re not being taken advantage of.

“Yeah I’m ALL FOR riding thru financial, emotional, spiritual lows…all the ups & downs of life. We gone ride. But these days ‘ride or die’ seems to have taken on a new meaning…of men expecting women to accept infidelity & inappropriate behavior.”