EBONY caught up with executive producer Kerry Washington and the cast (Madison Pettis, Nathaniel Potvin, Spence Moore II and Ray Cham Jr.) of the new Facebook Watch drama series Five Points at the Los Angeles screening to discuss the show, school shootings and the pressures of youth.

Conversations about gun violence and reform are sweeping the nation, and the drama centers around a diverse group of high school students and their reactions to a life-changing event. “I think it’s an important cultural moment that we’re having that so many people want to talk about gun violence and gun safety,” Washington says. “But we have to also not steer away from some of the other underlying issues like drug addiction and bullying and self-esteem and LGBTQ identity and depression. This is about all the issues teenagers are facing.”

Potvin believes the show will give teens “who feel unheard” the push to start dialogues about the issues in their lives. Watch the first part of the interview in the clip above.

Five Points Cast Speaks on Their Challenging Roles

The cast members express how they deal with portraying characters in such serious positions, and Washington discusses her role as the executive producer of the thought-provoking drama .

Five Points can currently be streamed on Facebook Watch.