Whelp, it's official … this is officially one of the most troublesome seasons of SNL in recent history, even though it has nothing to do with the quality of the show. (Not that the quality has been great, but it's been OK considering all of the cast changes.) Lorne Michaels and SNL have no one to blame but themselves, but the issue of the lack of diversity in the cast — specifically the lack of an African American woman in the cast — isn't going away.

This season will be forever tarnished, which is a shame for numerous reasons. (And that "Arcade Fire or New Cast Member" sketch from the season premiere seems even dumber now than it did when it first aired now that it's not all a big joke like they thought it would be.) Kerry Washington was superb as host, even if the material wasn't always the best (and I kind of feel bad for Washington that she's been dragged into this whole mess, but she seems OK with it all.) And I'm just afraid that the self-referential cold open was meant as a "Let's address it and people will forget about it and we can move on," because that's not going to work this time.

SNL is legitimately taking a hit to its legacy and something needs to change. (It's one thing to be criticized for quality, that's happened many times in the show's past. It's another to be accused of having a less diverse cast than George W. Bush's Cabinet.)