Scandal actress Kerry Washington is embracing Nigerian culture by reportedly learning the language of Igbo.

Her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha is Nigerian-American, and has inspired her to become a bit more immersed in its culture.

When wishing fellow actress Uzo Aduba a happy birthday, Washington tweeted, “Ncheta ubochi omumu gi. Ekele diri Chineke.”

In 2015 during an interview with InStyle, Washington told the magazine that husband inspired her to embrace his culture.

“Nnamdi’s parents are Nigerian immigrants,” she said. “His father passed when he was young. When you marry into the Igbo culture, you get a new name. My name is Ogechi. I wear it on a necklace my mother-in-law gave me.”

Aduba responded to Washington’s tweet in Nigerian.

“Heh! My sister, you speak Igbo? That’s very good. Thanks for the birthday wish,” she said.