Kevin Fredericks, widely known on social media as @KevOnStage, is more than a viral comedian.

The VP of Programming for Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital knows a lil’ something about love, too  and  wants you to know that he takes relationships seriously.

In fact, Kevin takes being a dedicated father and husband so seriously that he’s dedicating his comedy skits to reflecting the positive example he hopes to be for not just his two sons, but for Black families around the globe.

Fredericks and his wife of 12 years, Melissa, spoke with about their top three lessons on how to maintain a lasting relationship/marriage.

1) Live the marriage that you desire.

“The number one lesson we learned in our marriage is that you have to live your marriage,” the couple states. “Not your parents’ marriage, not your pastor’s marriage; you have to do what works for you. We sat in a lot of classes and most people’s advice is what works for them. So we ended up trying to do stuff that worked for another couple, but didn’t work for us. Lesson learned: take all the advice you can then apply what works for you.

2) Forgive early and forgive often.

“You will mess up. You will make each other angry,” says the couple. “You will hurt each other’s feelings, but when your partner asks for forgiveness, grant it. When they apologize, accept it. Harboring grudges will only damage your relationship.

Kevin Fredericks family photo3) Establish a friendship outside of romance.

“You maintain a lasting relationship when you are friends first,” the couple contends. “We were friends before we dated, best friends even. We have maintained a strong friendship throughout our marriage and it makes life easier. When you marry for convenience or because you had a baby, sometimes you aren’t friends. Our relationship lasts because it was built on friendship.”

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