Kevin Gates was reportedly sentenced to 30 months in jail for a weapons charge stemming from an incident a few years ago, according to TMZ.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois says Kevin appeared in court Wednesday and pled guilty to his original charge of felony gun possession. Sources told TMZ that the embattled MC will be transferred to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

In 2015, a video surfaced that appeared to show Gates kicked a female fan during a Florida concert. After he was charged with battery, he was found guilty and sentenced to 180 days in prison.   Billboard reports that Gates was on the cusp of freedom last month after his sentence was trimmed down. However, as he was about to be released, cops spotted an outstanding weapons-related warrant in his files.  Following the discovery, Gates was arrested and sent back to jail.

With this sentencing, the rapper is set to spend all of 2018 behind bars and may be released in 2019.