Comedian Kevin Hart, who sustained major injuries in a Calabasas, California car crash on September 1, returned to his SiriusXM radio show, Straight From the Hart, yesterday. During the two-hour show, on which fellow comedians the Plastic Cup Boyz--Joey Wells, Will “Spank” Horton and Na’im Lynn--serve as co-hosts, Hart shared some of his hospital experiences, which included difficulties with going to the bathroom; jokes about the nurse, who had to clean up after him; and receiving flowers from Oprah Winfrey. 

“Oprah sent me flowers that are still alive.Orchids, right?” Hart said to his co-hosts. “They’re orchids, but they’re f***ing still alive. … It’s been two months and some change, and them flowers ain’t budged. That’s a different type of money when you can find the flower that stays alive.” 

Listen to the clip below:

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