Kevin Hart is donating to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort and he isn’t particularly interested in doing it alone.

TMZ reports that Hart is calling out specific celebrities to match his gift.

Among those put on blast are The Rock, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

“Serious moment right. I’ve just been caught up to speed with everything that’s going on with Hurricane Harvey the s*** is unbelievable,” Hart says in a video. “I think we participated in a lot of challenges on the internet, some meaningful, some meaningless but we’ve all done em. I’ve been a person that’s done em, but at this point, I’m gonna start a real challenge. I’m challenging a lot of my celebrity friends to follow my lead in donating $25,000 …to the Red Cross, okay? At this point this is serious.”

Watch Hart in the video below.