If you are caught using your cell phone during a Kevin Hart show, you will be escorted out.

That has been a standing policy for the past few years for the funnyman and other comedians to protect their material from being pirated and distributed on the internet. Recently, publications have reported on Hart’s rule of attendees not having cell phones at his shows, and there have been news stories of fans being escorted out of the venues for violating the directive. Hart’s policy is in line with other big-name comedians such as  Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan who have instituted similar policies.

Reportedly, Chappelle works with Yondr, a company that created pouches so attendees of his shows can lock up their phones until the performance is over. Attendees can still access their phones, which must be unlocked by a Yondr team member, and they must go to a designated area to use their phones. According to Yondr, the pouches can be used at schools, concerts, courts and private events. On their website, they say they will work with partners to conceptualize and implement a phone-free space.


It has been reported that more performers are joining the phone-free movement. Musical acts such as Alicia Keys and Guns N’ Roses are also allegedly considering a similar policy at their shows.


Hart maintains a busy schedule of performing stand-up and filming new movies. His latest movie, Night School, is scheduled to be released in the fall, and he is currently on the road with his Irresponsible Tour.

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