Comedy's new darling Kevin Hart has currently been attached to star in a remake of the 1986 romantic comedy "About Last Night." Although Hart's character in the film has yet to be announced, assumptions have been made based on the original film's plot: 

"Danny [played by Rob Lowe] and Bernie [played by James Belushi] are two single men living their lives on the wild side. But when Danny meets Debbie [played by Demi Moore] at a bar and the two start a relationship with a one night stand, Danny's life takes a different turn. How does this passionate night become a full affair and what effect will this relationship have on both people and their friendship with their best mates?"

Details on the remake have been scant, but there's a possibility that it will feature an all Black cast. "About Last Night" was actually a remake of sorts as well, considering that the film was adapted from David Mamet's 1974 play "Sexual Perversity in Chicago." A director has yet to be attached to the film.