Kevin Spacey is one of many Hollywood insiders recently accused of various levels of sexual misconduct, ultimately losing his hit Netflix series, House of Cards, because of it. The two-time Oscar winner is now being accused of being a racist after reportedly using the n-word while on set of the critically acclaimed drama.

According to the Daily Mail, Earl Blue, who was hired by the production company that produced House of Cards, has come forward to say that Spacey was “a very racist man.” Blue’s VIP Protective Services managed security for the first season of the hit show and says that Spacey refused to shake the hands of the Black personnel. Reportedly, he once told his personal security manager, “I don’t want n**gers watching my trailer.”

When Blue complained to set managers, he says he was told, “That’s just the way he is; we’ve got to keep him happy.”

Eric Lyles, one of the more than 40 security staff employed by VIP Protective Services, corroborated Blue’s story, saying Spacey refused to touch him or even acknowledge his presence.


These accusations come shortly after a third London man filed a complaint alleging the actor sexually assaulted him, according to TMZ.