Most of us know Kim Field’s as either Tootie from 80s hit, The Facts of Life, or Regine Hunter from 90s favorite, Living Single. Still, her one season stint on Real Housewives of Atlanta was memorable for a number of reasons, especially her refusal to stoop to reality show levels of pettiness.

Field’s breaks down the experience in new memoir, Blessed Life, where she spares no details on the experience and why she’ll never go back.

Excerpts acquired by Radar Online start off with the TV star explaining why she initially didn’t want anything to do with the Bravo series, and was even confused as to why they were interested in her.

“Besides assuring me that I wasn’t being punk’d, they acknowledged being aware the show was out of my wheelhouse,” she wrote. “They had reasons: the cast was routinely shuffled, and they wanted to add a lighter tone, which they saw me providing. One of the company’s top executives called the next day to emphasize their interest. They knew what I stood for, he said. They knew I was not going to engage in the show’s trademark confrontations. They were good with that.”

Once she officially signed on, she dealt with both the perks and the disappointments.

“There were highs and lows, a couple of fun moments, moments of feeling unsure of where I was going, but still in control… and I supposed no adventure is complete without a bit of danger,” she wrote. “The truth of the matter was, I wasn’t going to compromise who I am and what I’m about, how I roll nor my safety for the sake of a storyline.”


She also found it difficult to see “some of the women, grown women, interacting the way they did on and for the show.”

The actress ended by describing the show as “quasi-real reality” and as having a “bizarre vibe.”