One of the most significant election results outside of the presidential vote was the results of the race for Cook County, Ill., State Attorney’s office. It was a tough battle between her and incumbent Anita Alvarez in the March Democratic primary with the shootings of unarmed Black men by police fueling much of the controversy around it.

On Tuesday night, Foxx soundly defeated Republican opponent Christopher Pfannkuche to take the office. She briefly spoke with after the election on how she plans to move forward in the new position.

What does this win mean for us?
For the people who live in Cook County, in neighborhoods that are dealing with sensitive issues surrounding police misconduct and the criminal justice system, they now have someone in position who understands firsthand their frustrations. Many prosecutorial offices aren’t diverse, they’re largely white and largely men. To have not only an African-American woman in this role, but one who grew up in a distressed neighborhood, it gives me a unique perspective.
What are your goals for the first 60 days?

Relay to the office how we need to rebuild trust in the community. We need to lay out ethical standards and make sure we hold ourselves accountable. We need to make sure we’re being transparent and open with the public and having data available. The offices that garner the most respect are the ones that are transparent, and we need more of that. We’ve got to put measures in place and make sure.

Video by Chan C. Smith