Kim Kardashian landed her first cover feature on Elle Magazine. The April cover star opens up about motherhood, her marriage to Kanye West, surrogacy and those controversial “Bo Derek” braids she loves.

The mogul doubles down on her choice to sport cornrows despite the constant conversation surrounding how the Kardashian family benefits from Black culture. The braids are not an indication of cultural appropriation to Kim. “I’m not worried because I love Bo Derek,” she told the journalist. “It’s a reference. If you genuinely love something, then it’s what you should do. It’s appreciation.”

She continued: “It’s one thing when people mock something and are negative. I’m clearly not being negative. Images mean a lot to me. I spend a lot of time on them.” Kim believes, “if you genuinely love something, then it’s what you should do.”

As with the current conversation surrounding Bruno Mars it has become apparent that there is a blurred line between appreciating and appropriating culture. It speaks to a larger conversation of why White or racially ambiguous individuals profit off the trends many people of color are shamed for.

Read the full cover story on ELLE and hear why Kim only wants four children, what Kanye’s dream designs are, and how she addresses her haters.