Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to speak out against the injustice haunting former child sex slave Cyntoia Brown. By the time she was 16 years old, Brown said she was repeatedly raped, beaten and held at gunpoint as a sex trafficking victim. One fateful encounter with a Nashville realtor led Brown to serve what may be a lifelong prison sentence.

In 2004, Brown shot and killed 43-year-old Johnny Allen who paiud the then-teenager for sex. Brown said she killed Allen out of fear of his past as a sharpshooter in the military, the observance of multiple guns in his home and his unsettling demeanor. She is now facing a minimum of 51 years in prison. As of now, she’ll only become eligible for parole when she turns 69 years old.

On Thursday, Brown’s tragic story resurged into the limelight and hasn’t been sitting well with anyone.

In addition to Rihanna and rapper T.I., who both spoke out against Brown’s imprisonment on Monday night, Kim Kardashian has also weighed in. Not only did the 37-year-old admit to being appalled by Brown’s continued victimization on Tuesday, she said she’s called on her lawyers to take action on the woman’s behalf of Brown. Brown is now 29 years old.

A petition has been created to release Brown from prison via MoveOn Petitions. If enough signatures are accumulated, it will be delivered to the U.S. Congress.