Kim Kimble has hooked up some of the hottest stars in the entertainment game. The multi-talented entrepreneur and third generation hairstylist has worked her magic on the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Mary J. Blige, to name a few.

This hair mogul is all about promoting her brand, educating aspiring hair stylists, and creating beautiful, yet healthy styles. spoke with the Chicago-bred television personality on her latest style canvas, Taraji P. Henson — yes, she hooked the EMPIRE actress’ hair up for this year’s EMMYs — and gave us some insight on her inspiration for the look and a sneak peak for her next move.

EBONY: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you come to appreciate hair?

Kim Kimble: I grew up with it. I learned to have my own appreciation though—even though my family, my mother and grandmother did hair. Once I actually started getting into it, I developed my own love and appreciation for it and started building my own clientele and going out to hair shows and taking classes and learning more about it. Watching my clients and how they felt after they would get their hair done really gave me a purpose, because I love to see people happy about their end results. So that did a lot for me.

EBONY: What would you say would be your most rewarding experience as a hair stylist?

Kim Kimble: When someone is very happy about their hair. When they are excited and when my clients come to me for new looks. They may go other places, but they always come back to me to get a new [and] different look.

EBONY: The interwebs are raving about your recent slayage of Taraji P. Henson’s Emmy look. Can you tell us a little bit about how the connection was made?

Kim Kimble: You know, I’ve been working with Taraji probably for a couple of years now. Right before she started working on Empire, I had been working with her for special occasions and different things. I’ve seen her on different movies that I’ve worked on, so I’ve known her for some time. But it was great to actually be able to get a chance to work with her because she has amazing talent and I got a call from her publicist that she wanted me to style her for the Emmys. I was very excited about that because I respect her craft and she’s definitely just ruling television right now. “Cookie” has taken over the world. So of course for me, I thought this would be a great opportunity to work with her and to get such a big occasion like the Emmys; that’s a real big event. I was very inspired by her.

EBONY: What was the goal for Taraji’s Emmys look versus another awards show?

Kim Kimble: Well, I really always design based on the clothes. I collaborate with the stylist, and the wardrobe, and the makeup, and just the artist and who they are. I wanted to do something inspired from the wet look of her W Magazine cover. We did like a classic bob with a bang sort of like…you know Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface? I love that hair and I just wanted that beautiful, but a modern version. I’ve never seen Taraji with a bang and a bob. She’s worn a lot of bobs, but the bob with the bang I thought that would be an interesting look for her to do because I just thought it was a very cool look.

EBONY: You’ve styled several celebrities. Who would be your absolute dream person to style?

Kim Kimble: Oh, gosh. Um, who haven’t I worked with? I mean I used to say Prince and now he’s gone!  I always wanted to work with Prince. I guess because he was a guy that wore cool hair, you know? And he was very stylish and I love the way Prince dressed. He’s just an icon. He’s somebody that I’ve always wanted to work with you know? Luckily, I have had opportunities to work with some iconic people. It would be somebody like that.

EBONY: In 2000, you launched Kimble Beauty, a hair care line designed to cater to the needs of women of color with all textures. What was your thought process behind its creation?

Kim Kimble: I wanted to create a solution-based product line that was going to target specific hair care needs. Kimble Beauty consists of a lot of natural beauty products. We have the Shea butter line, which is for really dry, brittle hair. For women that have natural hair or curly hair, their hair gets very dry. Conditioning and keeping it healthy is one way to [solve that problem]. We have a product that is going to take care of your hair and whatever your hair care needs [are].

EBONY: As a hairstylist and entrepreneur, you have created a great name for yourself, what’s next for Kim Kimble?

Kim Kimble: I’m going to be on HSN (Home Shopping Network) soon. Next month I believe. I’m coming out with a product for HSN and am developing styling tools and hair products for that. L.A. Hair is coming back in January, so I’m going to be an executive producer for that show. I’m still doing hair—everything is hair related. I’m going around and [teaching] more classes coming up next month. Those are the key things.

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