Social media has produced several stars over the past five years. Cardi B, DC Young Fly, Jess Hilarious and more are reaping the benefits of the digital hustles that have made room for them in several industries.

The same goes for Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, a young comic talent whose Vine videos put him on our radar, and whose work ethic has kept him there. More than an internet success story, Bachelor has landed roles on hit shows such as The Mindy Project, House of Lies and Resident Advisors.

In new comedy Where’s the Money, Bach attempts to recover $1 million from a former flophouse converted into a frat house. With Mike Epps and Terry Crews co-starring, the hilarious flick is right in line with the rising star’s steady climb to the top.

Get to know the actor, director, stand-up and burgeoning superstar below.

EBONY: When did you know that you had the gift of making people laugh?

Bachelor: I didn’t really know I had the gift to make people laugh. I just thought I was being silly and annoying. From the reaction, it led me to think I should try to pursue comedy.

Who inspired you to take your comedy dreams seriously as a career as opposed to just being “silly and annoying” for the internet’s sake?

To be honest, my main goal was to be like Jim Carrey. Whatever he did, I wanted to do. My favorite color is green because of Jim Carrey.

The Mask?

Umm hmm!

How long were you working on comedy before you blew up from the Vine vids?

I’ve pretty much been developing my style since I was a kid. I took acting classes when I was younger, just trying to find my way into the industry. I’ve been working for a while but it didn’t really pop until, well, now [laughs]. That just goes to show how serious the grind is.

When you first started making Vine videos, did you intend to use it as a vehicle to make bigger industry moves down the line, or was it a shock that this social media tool jump-started everything?

I had no idea the power behind it. I was really just trying to create content just to show what I could do. It started with stand-up comedy and then YouTube videos, just trying to follow great directors and producers before me.

How did you get involved in the film?

I worked with the producer and financer on another movie called The Babysitter on Netflix, and I guess I did such a fantastic job, they said, ‘We got to get this kid his own movie!’

Did you learn any techniques or secrets on-set that you can apply to your own projects?

The biggest thing I learned on-set is that anything can be done with the right prep. We shot the movie in 16 days. That seems impossible for a feature, but if you focus and are efficient with your takes, you can get everything done.


What has been the most surprising thing about fame as your name continues to rise?

The most surprising thing would be people that I never thought would know me are actually fans of mine. Justin Bieber, Odell Beckham Jr., Steph Curry. Steph and I shot a commercial together, and he’s a great guy.

I know you and Michael B. Jordan are cool.

Oh, yeah, that’s the homie. I remember he told me, ‘You have to surround yourself with positive people and people doing better than you so you’ll learn something.’ He’s one of those people for me.

He also recently raised $450,000 for Lupus research. It’s dope that he uses his platform for meaningful causes.

Can you speak to your friendship with Terrence J? I know he’s been a mentor of sorts for you.

Terrance has been there for me since day one. He’s always given me advice, the do’s and don’ts in the industry. He’s someone that I learn from but can also party with, you know? He has small get-togethers and it’s good to be around positive people and positive vibes.

Have you ever been star-struck?

Yeah, but it was weird! I saw Zoe Saldana at the airport. I don’t know if I was star-struck, but I remember thinking ‘Why is Zoe Saldana at the airport? She’s not human!’

Where’s the Money is playing now in select theaters and will be available on Digital HD, DVD and On Demand Oct. 24.