This past Sunday morning, residents in the town of Newnan, Georgia awoke to see messages promoting the Ku Klux Klan in their neighborhoods. Paper print-outs with the infamous hooded figure on the front were stuffed into small plastic bags, weighed down with rocks, and were left next to newspapers outside houses in the Churchill Park subdivision of the town. The message on the recruitment flyers said, “Neighborhood Watch: You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake!”

Members of the Churchill Park homeowners association tried to remove the offensive materials from driveways before they were discovered by the neighbors, but couldn’t dispose of them in time, resulting in widespread outrage among residents. “We do not approve of anything like this and sure don’t want you in our neighborhood,” Billie Duykaa of Newnan told Fox 5 Atlanta. While police were contacted, they told the locals that the materials are not against the law.

With the Klan raising its head in the Peach State, should more people be able to protect themselves from any potential threats the KKK? And, is the Klan even relevant enough today to be threatened by them?