Natalia Bryant, the daughter of the late basketball icon Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant has filed a request for a restraining order against an alleged stalker in Los Angeles, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The civil harassment restraining order was filed on Monday against Dwayne Cortez Toliver Kemp, 32, of Sun Valley, California.

According to the filing, Temp is accused of harassing Bryant on social media when she was just 17 years old in 2020. He was 30.

Kemp, a gun enthusiast who has images on social media where he’s seen posing with assault weapons, sent messages to her on social media as “if they had a romantic relationship, or as if he wanted to initiate such a relationship,” the filing reads. Although she has never met him, Bryant is fearful because “he sent kissing faces, and hearts and threatened to make unwanted in-person contact with her.” Allegedly, he even showed up to one of her classes at the University of Southern California and was roaming the building.

"Ms. Bryant, her family, and law enforcement are afraid and concerned for her safety," the document said.

Kemp's messages "have been entirely one-sided and Ms. Bryant has no relationship, nor does she wish to have a relationship," the document states. He’s also accused of sending a direct message to Bryant saying that he hoped "that he and Ms. Bryant can have a Kobe-like child together."

 A hearing is set for Dec. 14.