Kodak Black has paid the back rent of 28 families who were facing eviction, reports Billboard. The families on the receiving end of the rapper's generosity reside at the Merry Place Housing Projects in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In an Instagram story, Kodak shared the news of his good deed for families who were in desperate need.

“28 families were bout to get evicted for being behind on their rent a few months,” Kodak wrote on his Instagram story. “I paid what they owed and also paid their rents for the next few months, so they good for the [remainder] of the year.”

In another Instagram story, Kodak Black explained what prompted his selfless act of kindness. 

“I’m A Project Baby,” he said. “I Do It Fa The Projects!”

“People. Relying. On. Just. Enough. Cash. To survive,” he added.

This isn’t the first time that the rapper has shown his support to residents of Florida with his own resources.

Back in July 2021, he purchased 100 air conditioners totaling $12,500 and hand-delivered them to residents at the Golden Acres Projects in Pompano Beach.

“We out here passing out AC units, helping install them,” Kodak said at the time. “We do it for the projects, we do it for the projects. The people relying on just enough cash to survive. We’ll get you all ACs man, we out here.”