There are a plethora of reasons why, we, as Black people, take pride in our melanin.

Throughout history, our ancestors were forced to deal with an abundance of mental and physical abuse. Throughout history, Black people have fought to overcome adversity that was forged our way simply because of our skin color.

And still, Black shines. Black glows. Black is beautiful.

With all that our culture has endured in the past and very well through the present, our skin represents more than flesh – but also strength and determination. We celebrate the fact that through the rough and injustices of life, we are fly, creative, magic and true overcomers.

And that’s what Queen Sugar actor Kofi Siriboe wanted to share when he sent out a tweet on Tuesday saluting his mother and Black women all over the world.

A beautiful message right? Nothing malicious, aggressive or offensive, right?

But then, a troll had to step in with the race card and dismiss the full intention of Kofi’s personal and very specific message.

Yet, providing another clear example that White people just don’t get it or simply refuse to understand the levels of love we have for our people and the fearlessness we have when expressing it.

But, our Kof didn’t disappoint with his elegant response.

Let’s just take a moment to join him in honoring the “bold, Black skin” of our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

See, Claire, this is what the Black community does. We unite and uplift each other. Kofi was not being exclusive; he was being specific.

Black Twitter, of course, had Kofi’s back and challenged Claire’s misguided commentary.

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Learn more about Kofi’s  intention as an artist and the responsibility he feels he has in the creative space, here.

LaToya “Toi” Cross is the Senior Editor of Entertainment and Culture for EBONY’s Print and Digital brand. You can catch this laughing creative sharing work, art and capturing life on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.